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We practice in the areas of Family Law, Human Rights, and Alternatives to Litigation

At the Berna Family Law & Human Rights, LLC, we believe that our role is to serve as both your advisor, and your advocate. We deal with good people going through difficult times and advocate for you through the court system or non-litigation methods. We will sit down with you to learn about your issues and provide realistic advice regarding your case. Many problems can be solved quickly and at far less cost if the parties involved are willing to work to find an equitable result without resorting to litigation. We actively encourage our clients to consider alternatives to the court system when resolving their disputes. However, if litigation is necessary, our job is to advocate strongly for you and do our best to ensure you achieve a positive result under the law.  


Meeting is the first step to resolving your needs.
We invite you to schedule a consultation in which we can review your situation and recommend an effective course of action.

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Family Law, Human Rights, and Alternatives to Litigation

Our goal is to provide great customer service and every client will be treated with courtesy and respect. Your first phone consultation will be free of charge, and we will not ask for any sort of payment unless and until we believe that we can help you achieve your goal. We will review the facts of your case and determine if we can advocate strongly for you. We do not believe in pressuring anyone to retain our services, or to litigate their cases.

Some cases or issues may be very easy, and can be resolved with little cost in a very short time-frame. Other issues may require complex negotiations or lengthy litigation, and can last months or even years. Regardless of the unique situation you may be facing, it is our job to inform you of what we believe the possible outcomes, costs, and timelines may be. You need to be able to make informed choices before committing to a course of action.