Full text of SB2289 Section 10. Amendment of IMDMA section 504, 505, and 510


The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act is amended by changing Sections 504, 505, and 510as follows: (750 ILCS 5/504) (from Ch. 40, par. 504) Sec. 504. Maintenance.(a)Entitlement to maintenance. In a proceeding for dissolution of marriage, or legal separation, or declaration of invalidity of marriage, or dissolution of a civil union, or a proceeding for maintenance following a legal separation or dissolution of the marriage or civil union by a court which lacked personal jurisdiction over the absent spouse, a proceeding for modification of a previous order for maintenance under Section 510 of this Act, or any proceeding authorizedunder Section 501 of this Act, the court may grant a maintenance award for either spouse in amounts and for periods of time as the court deems just, without regard to marital misconduct, and the maintenance may be paid from the income or property of the other spouse. The court shall first make a finding as to determine whether a maintenance award is appropriate, after consideration of all relevant factors, including:

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